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Trainings for CAC and Child Welfare Professionals

The Colorado Children's Alliance offers training to CAC and MDT professionals, as well as community members who work in a related field. We train all of our participants in accordance with national standards, and we are proud to have our Victim Advocacy 101 and Forensic Interviewing trainings recognized as nationally accredited trainings by the National Children's Alliance.

If you have a training need and do not see it listed here, please contact our training coordinator at to express your interest.


The Colorado Children's Alliance schedules two peer reviews per year for forensic interviewers. They are open to Colorado interviewers and are virtual.

Coming Soon!


Providing advocacy to victims of child abuse and neglect is essential to help them begin healing. CCA trains two cohorts of advocates a year, one virtual and one in person. Each training is two days, for 16 hours of training. 

Upcoming Dates:

March 5-6th


Following our Victim Advocacy 101 training, our advocates receive this intermediate-level training, which helps provide strategies for engaging with tough families. CCA trains two cohorts of advocates a year, one virtual and one in person. Each training is two days, for 16 hours of training.

Upcoming Dates:

April 22-23rd


Do you work in child welfare alongside CACs? Do you want to know more about forensic interviews? This training was created by CCA to clarify the process of an interview, and how it fits into the rest of the CAC and MDT model. This training is offered as needed and is open to any community members and professionals interested. This is an excellent training for individuals who are not directly conducting interviews.

Upcoming Dates:

April 26th


This training is designed for professionals who are the facilitators for their CAC's Multi-Disciplinary Team. We will cover the basics of teamwork skills, conflict resolution, & other important topics. This training will meet the NCA Standard for MDT Facilitator initial training.

Upcoming Dates:

May 7th


Colorado trains a semi-structured narrative process for forensic interviewers. These are conducted at CACs to aid in investigations and to be presented in legal cases. CCA trains two cohorts per year, one virtually and one in person. Each cohort is spaced out over 4-5 months, with the first two blocks scheduled for three days (24 hours) each, and the third for two days (16 hours).

Cost for Non-CAC Staff: $350 

Upcoming Dates:

Block I: Feb. 20-22

Block II: Apr. 1-3

Block III: Jun. 26-27


In some rare cases, a forensic interview cannot be done in one session. This training is meant to clarify those cases, and to train interviewers on how to conduct multi-session interviews. CCA trains one cohort per year. Each training is two days, for 16 hours of training.

Upcoming Dates:

August 21st

LIFESPAN FORENSIC INTERVIEWING - No More Skeletons in the Closet

A Lifespan Forensic Interview (LFI) is a forensic interview conducted on cases where there are three or more low to moderate level concerns of safety and neglect in a social service assessment. The principles of the nationally recognized protocols are utilized with particular questions formed to address the repeated safety and neglect concerns of the child or adolescent. 

Upcoming Dates:

May 22nd

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